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The State of Things — Subtitle: Our Very Long First Post

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Sub-Subtitle: Long Term Unemployment
Sub-Sub-Subtitle: How I Got Here…

 Joe’s list of the best parts of long term unemployment:

  • Developing a true taste for rejection – delicious, and pairs well with cheap beer
  • Sky rocketing levels of self worth
  • Random once in a while gray hairs become constant, ever-present gray hairs – YAY!
  • Writing 300 page case study of curse word dubbing in cable TV re-runs of the Sopranos
  • Married + moving into Mom’s basement = “I’m coming downstairs, I hope you’re dressed.”
  • Four words – Stress Induced Teeth Grinding
  • Deciding that maybe it was time to enact my retirement plan

That brings me to where I currently am. Jin and I had always knew that we wanted to live in another country and had always assumed it would be something we’d do when we’re older, gray (well grayer) and retired. Fed up with our options here, or lack there of, we realized we didn’t want to or have to wait.

So now we’re headed to Daegu, South Korea to be Native English teachers with the Korean government’s EPIK program. Sure, it’s not REALLY retirement since we will be working, and we’re too young and I’m not nearly gray enough for retirement. No really…I’m not even close to gray enough. Sorry, I digress…

So that’s where I am. I couldn’t be more excited to start teaching, something I’ve always wanted to do and to start living out my dream of being an expat.

Super-Subtitle: Jin’s State of Things
Super dooper-subtitle: You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

Letting the days go by, when you’re sitting in your 500 square foot apartment in Los Angeles.
You may find that going to Costco is the most exciting part of your day.
You may find that the four walls of your apartment are burned into the back of your eyeballs.
And the prospect of moving back home starts to seem like its not a bad idea.
Then once in a lifetime, you have to make a life changing decision.

So that’s what Joe and I are doing. World traveling here we come. Rock bottom meet reach for the stars. Even if that meant living in your mother-in-law’s basement to get there.

And here’s where the fun starts. Since moving back to Jersey, here are the things that I have rediscovered about living back home:

  • We really do have the worst drivers anywhere (The driver’s test is in a parking lot.)
  • Not having to pump your gas is pretty nice.
  • DEEEER!!!
  • No sales tax on clothing rocks.
  • Playing bone game with Yoda is awesome.
  • Realizing that if I had stayed in Jersey, played up my Italian roots, turned a brilliant shade of orange, gave myself a ridiculous nickname (J-Booty) and lived in a shore house, I would have been a millionaire already.

And then you may find yourself in another part of the world. So Jersey isn’t so bad after all but I am super excited to leave the Garden State behind me once again and become an expat in Korea. I can’t wait to have that Once in a Lifetime experience.

Just for fun...Yoda, mid-bone game