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Jin who?…

Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew?  Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two?  Jin can, that’s who.

Jin’s the type of woman that can turn a boring day into the most fun you’ve ever had.  Rinse, repeat and the next day is guaranteed to be more fun than the last.

A night out in heels and a HOT dress?  CHECK.  Lazy Sunday watching her Green Bay Packers, eating burgers and drinking beers at 10am? CHECK.  Beating me in 50% of the sports we play together? CHECK.  How I found a woman who can do it all?  Still unsure.

Jin’s a true xenophile, which she’d never ever ever want you to confuse with xenophobe, and if you do; RUN!  Run fast and run far!  In my humble opinion…she’s got it going on!  Now she’s ready to share that with South Korea and the rest of the world.

Oh yeah…she likes a bunch of things.  Dislikes a bunch of things and is indifferent to other things.  That’ll all come out in the blog at some point so no need to list them here.  Grab a double shot, which she can down like it’s a single, and stay tuned!

Joe who?…

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when a single girl wants nothing to do with love, the man of her dreams gets hired to work at the cubicle behind her. I tried hard to ignore it but when he wouldn’t give me his t-shirt, I knew I loved him. He’s just too darn cute…and funny. That and he can hold his liquor.

When he’s not doing something extremely technical or analyzing something from every possible angle (I mean every angle, if you want to know four hundred different ways to pack your travel bag, ask him) then he’s usually singing falsetto at the top of his lungs to a song parody he just made up, Weird Al style. He’s highly sarcastic, mildly critical (mostly of himself) and capable of doing anything. I never knew a guy that could change my oil, hook up my TV and cook me dinner. He’s that good.

I’m sure he’ll develop many new talents in Korea. It will be fun to watch him come up with words to a K-pop song while impersonating a Bee Gee. Did I mention he’s cute? Yea, I like him a lot. That and he can hold his liquor.

The “We Said” part…

We met in Los Angeles only to find out we had been living 20 minutes away from each other in New Jersey.  Small world…guess its not just a theme park boat ride after all. We’re now enacting our dream of seeing that world and are excited to share it with family, friends and anyone that stops by.


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